23rd February 2017

Participation Networks

Making Networks Work! All Wales Participation Network

Free event, hosted by Participation Cymru and supported by Public Health Wales, WLGA and Co-production Network Wales.

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Increasingly we are finding ourselves attending or being part of a plethora of networks, some have been in existence since the year dot whilst others pop up in response to a new idea or emerging trend. The purpose of networks is to create an environment, real or virtual, where people can come together to share ideas, collaborate and create something new.

Many people tell us that they are overwhelmed and confused by the number of networks out there and that it is often the same people who appear at each one. It’s all gone a bit crazy!!

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act requires many public bodies to adopt the 5 Ways of Working, two of which are Involvement and Collaboration, both of which are at the heart of all we do as engagement practitioners.

SO…this year’s All Wales Network is all about Networks. What is out there? Are they fit for purpose? What is good practice? Is there scope for further collaboration and merger? If you are in the midst of the Networking knot then this is the event for you!


To create an opportunity for those who network to consider the purpose of networking and how to make it more effective.

By the end of the day participants will…

  • Have a better understanding of what networks there are and what they do
  • Share good practice in effective networking
  • Share their assets and identified opportunities to share them
  • Participate in some effective networking!

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