26th February 2017


The internet can be a great enabler and source of freedom for disabled users. As such, the value of the Participation Cymru website to our disabled and aging audiences depends on its accessibility. This is an area of importance for Participation Cymru and in keeping with our obligations under the Equality Act, we are committed to ensuring that Participation Cymru services are as accessible to disabled and elderly people as reasonably possible.

We aim for a consistently high level of usability for our entire audience across the WCVA website, following best-practice accessibility guidelines. We engage with disabled, non-disabled and elderly people throughout website development to fully understand user requirements and ensure we produce sites that meet these.

Where possible we aim for our site to meet Priority 1 (level A) and Priority 2 (level AA) of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0 (WCAG2.0).

Technology is changing at a fast pace and our testing has been limited to the more popular browsers and as such we cannot guarantee the full user experience for outdated or lesser known browsers and devices.

We welcome feedback from our users, please contact us.

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