How to apply the National Principles to your work

This new webinar will raise awareness and knowledge of the National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales and the Evaluation Toolkit associated with them.

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These Principles were developed by Participation Cymru in 2010 and endorsed by Welsh Government in 2011. Since then over 140 organisations and public bodies in Wales have signed up to the principles, and endeavour to use them to better engage with the public, service users and carers.

This webinar offers a guided tour of the 10 principles and explains how they might be useful to you and your organisation. This practical webinar will:

  • Introduce the National Principles for Public Engagement
  • Demonstrate their practical use in engagement work of all kinds
  • Highlight the Evaluation Toolkit and how it can be used

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will have:

  • Greater awareness of the National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales
  • Been introduced to the Evaluation Toolkit & checklist
  • Considered how to apply the Principles in their work.

Who this webinar is for

This webinar is aimed at organisations who want to develop and increase their awareness and knowledge of how to plan for effective engagement.

Where and when?

Free for WCVA members, otherwise £20.

Please be aware of the technical requirements: to access the session you will require Flash Player (which you should have as standard on your pc/laptop) and some headphones or speakers.  If Flash Player is not installed on your PC yet, you can download it here.

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