Where does your power lie

Where does your power lie and how do you use it?

There is an urgent need to transform public services in Wales. Money is running out, efficiencies alone will not be enough. The demand for acute services is rising and preventative and community services are being cut. Quality of life cannot be delivered by the state alone and many people are now looking at a different Read more about Where does your power lie and how do you use it?[…]

Co-Production in Action

Co-production, the idea of organisations seeing communities and service users as an asset in providing services, appears to have achieved a philosophical consensus as being a nice idea. However few organisations are really willing to move beyond fluffy rhetoric into making this ideology a practised reality. Perhaps one of the biggest barriers is that individuals Read more about Co-Production in Action[…]

May Regional Participation Networks: Co-production

Co-production seems to be the latest buzz word to be found in all sectors of public service and some would argue that is means different things to different people. In the participation networks that took place at the beginning of May, we explored what co-production means to people and tried to make sense of what Read more about May Regional Participation Networks: Co-production[…]

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