How children and young people are feeding in to the Citizen’s Panel for Social Services in Wales

The second round of meetings of the Citizen Panel for Social Services in Wales have now taken place. There are adult panels in the North, South East and South West Wales, and we’re also working with children and young people around Wales who are affected by the way that social services are delivered.

The views of children and young people are being fed in by Beckii Parnham, a young carer from Torfaen, who originally applied to be a member of the panel. We’re so lucky to have Beckii working with us – Beckii cares for her mother, her brother and her sister, she’s a representative for Funky Dragon, she helps run a young carer’s group, has done work experience with the social services team in her area and is now working with us to feed in children and young people’s views in to the social services partnership forum. I feel positively lazy when I hear about everything she’s up to!

I asked Beckii why she wanted to be on the panel, and she said “I wanted to be on the panel because of the experiences I’ve had myself and the experiences that I want to share. I’ve got experience of actually working alongside Social Services and I’ve got experience of receiving the services”. You can also hear Beckii talk more about this and the work we did with Torfaen Youth Forum in the AudioBoo below, where we met with some of the young people in the above video (which includes Beckii, who’s the one the left of the still photo at the start of the video).

We’ve visited Wrexham Young Person’s Care Council, Crossroads Care Swansea Neath Port Talbot and Crossroads Care Cwm Taf, Whizz-Kidz in Bangor, Voices From Care Cymru, Eat Carrots Be Safe From Elephants (which is an amazing name!), and we’ll be visiting a few more in the coming months. We’ll be making sure that we visit groups around Wales from all the protected characteristics of the Equality Act to ensure that we hear from as wide a range of young people as possible.

There are some great tools for working with children and young people out there. We have some helpful publications available at the bottom of this page on our website. You can hear about the latest work that’s being undertaken with young people in Wales by joining the Participation Workers’ Network for Wales, Save the Children Cymru’s Participation Unit have produced some great Blast Off! Guides, and you can also find lots of websites, training and resources at

– Dyfrig

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