I Matter, We Matter

Last week we ran our first of the Citizen Panel for Social Services in South East Wales. There are two more panel meetings to run this month, one in the South West and another in North Wales, and we’ll be sharing more information about their role and what they’re doing as soon as these panels have met.

One of the exercises we ran at the panel was on the I Matter, We Matter campaign, which asks what things are important to you in your life and what helps you to do these things.

The campaign begun after the consultation document for the Social Services (Wales) Bill proposed ‘a statement of national outcomes for social services and social care services’. These outcomes will set out what support services should help people achieve in their lives.

It’s amazing how such seemingly easy questions can be amazingly difficult to answer! But when we asked ourselves these questions as a team prior to the panel, the answers we gave were very illuminating and powerful.

My answer was around how important the transport system is in Wales, which isn’t the most exciting answer in the world, but actually it’s quite important to my wellbeing as it allows me to see my family, who are all living in Mid, West and North Wales. I can honestly say I was moved by other people’s answers as they outlined what helps them to do the things that are important to them.

The campaign is looking for organisations to spread the word about it, and also for organisations to pledge their support, which you can do here. The campaign will also form the basis of WCVA’s Annual Conference, which takes place on 29 November in Cardiff. WCVA will take the answers to these questions and make them the foundation for their work with the Welsh Government in defining the outcomes for social services.

If your organisation or people you work with take part, please let us know how it goes!

– Dyfrig

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