Margaret Peters reflects on the work of Participation Cymru

The below video is the second in a series of three interviews that we’ve conducted with Participation Cymru Advisory Panel members that we’ve filmed as part of our Evaluation Framework.

Margaret Peters on Participation Cymru / Margaret Peters ar Gyfranogaeth Cymru from Participation Cymru on Vimeo.

Unlike the first interview with Derek Walker of the Wales Co-operative Centre, where we interviewed Derek in person, we interviewed Margaret over the phone and used images and video from our panel meeting.

When we asked Margaret about the role of the Advisory Panel she said “I think they’re there to steer Participation Cymru in the right direction and support them, and the fact that having such a range of public service organisation as panel members allows for joint working and a consistent approach to citizen and community engagement across Wales’ public service organisations”.

Margaret has represented the Countryside Council for Wales on our Advisory Panel since before the current team had even begun our jobs at Participation Cymru, and following this interview she’s changed roles and she is no longer a member of the panel. She’s worked incredibly hard to assist us with our work, and we’re all incredibly grateful for the time and effort she has put into being a panel member. We all wish her well in her new role.

Whilst I’m the first to admit that the video isn’t quite Hollywood quality, it’s nevertheless surprising that the video was put together with free software. I used Windows Moviemaker, which is a standard part of Windows packages, and I also used Audacity, which is free open-source software that enables you to edit audio files.

Using video instead of written documents allows people to get a better feel for the work we do as a project. It means that people can listen to and watch panel members talk about what they do in their own words.

Monmouthshire County Council have taken video to the next level by using YouTube to consult on their budget proposals. Their blog is a fascinating account of their work and well worth a read if you’re looking to start using video to consult and engage.

– Dyfrig

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