3 thoughts on “Mobile apps for public engagement practitioners

    • Sensemaker sounds interesting….until you read the ‘How does it work?’ bit and it all sounds like a bit Carl Jung! Anyway, how is it working for you, Dyfrig? In a programme such as Communities First where so much change will only be articulated in qualitative ways, and perhaps by people for whom articulation is difficult, it might prove a useful tool for aggregating and evidencing that change.

  • Sarah, any indication whether work smart phones and security filters routinely allow, say, local authority staff to download such apps?

    A recurring message I hear among local authority-employed community development workers is that even simple engagement platforms such as Twitter or Facebook are only allowed during lunch hours; or with special permissions for a limited number of staff; and in a couple of cases not allowed at all. Thankfully, I’m increasingly hearing of more mature and enabling attitudes beginning to prevail

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