4 thoughts on “Participatory websites – what does good practice look like?

  • Very interesting post! I found the Young Flintshire site quite difficult to read (but I’m middle-aged so not the target audience) due to background image, and the layout and strong background colours of the information boxes. These days, I try to ensure that websites work as well on a mobile as on laptop or desktop, and would especially for websites that young people might use.

  • Hi Janet, really good points! I agree that the background images behind the text do make it hard to read. The workshop leaders did feel there too many boxes on the page, and there are some instances where readability isn’t great with the text not standing out from the background. That would be my criticism of the website, but I felt that I should take something participative to the group and highlight a different approach to public service information. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes forward from here!

    I think that your point about it needing to work well on mobile is brilliant too, with more and more people accessing the internet from mobile devices we can’t afford to have a site that looks rubbish on a mobile or tablet. Cheers!

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