23rd February 2017

Participation Networks


Participation Cymru will be celebrating the NHS’ 70th Birthday at our free regional participation networks in February 2018.

The Bevan Commission would like to collaborate with Participation Cymru to explore engaging the public in a wider conversation about ensuring sustainable health and care in Wales. This ‘Big Conversation’ will help the Commission get a better understanding of what people think, understand their views and experiences and make sure these are acted on.

This conversation will lead up to the celebration of 70 years of the National Health Service in July 2018.

The February 2018 participation networks aim to:

  • Explore the key questions to ask the public as part of the ‘Big Conversation’
  • Understand how to best engage the public in the NHS at 70 celebrations

The Bevan Commission set out the case for a social, more prudent approach to health and care in Wales, moving away from a more traditional medically dominated system to one which recognises the wider impacts on health and wellbeing. It proposes a model in which everyone shares responsibility for protecting health and managing illness, including employers, people, communities, local government and the health and care system. It recognises the skills and assets held by the public and the need to redraw the relationship between the citizen and the state, their rights and their responsibilities.

The Commission believes that working more closely with the people of Wales will help ensure more successful health outcomes for people and a more sustainable health and care system in Wales. A combination of approaches are needed, including opportunities for patients and the public to discuss and describe what matters to them in health and care.

The Bevan Commission will begin a wider dialogue and conversation with the public in spring of 2018 through a series of events and other opportunities to capture feedback and views on how we ensure sustainable health and care in Wales.

These workshops will help the Bevan Commission to gain wider input and understanding of a number of key questions and consider how to ensure we get a fair representation of views from different age groups, sectors and settings across Wales. We will invite the participation networks to become part of the ongoing wider conversation as we take it across Wales.

Participants sat in a semi-circle at the regional participation networks

Who should attend these Participation Network events?

These regional participation networks are suitable for anyone working in the field of participation and citizen engagement.

Attendees come from a range of different organisations in the public and third sector that focus on a variety of issues. The events are suitable for anyone from any level within an organisation that has an interest in practical participatory work, including consultation officers, trustees, volunteers, development workers and managers.

These practitioner networks are lively, participatory workshops which provide an opportunity for peers to engage, share and support each other.

They provide an invaluable opportunity to:

  • Meet other practitioners in your area
  • Share good practice
  • Share ideas
  • Problem solve
  • Develop participatory skills
  • Acquire new skills

These events will be facilitated in English, but you are welcome to contribute to discussions in both Welsh and English.

Free to attend

If you cancel 2 weeks before the event or fail to attend then a £20 cancellation fee will apply. You can send another participant to attend in your place if you find yourself unable to attend at short notice.

All events are 10am – 1pm, with refreshments and lunch provided.

Book now – February 2018

If there is no existing network in your area we can support you to set one up. Please contact us.

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