25th February 2017

How to set up a network

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This toolkit is aimed at people who wish to set up a new network, or those wishing to revisit and refresh the purpose and focus of an existing network.

Our workshop explores how to establish a successful network, with practical ideas, tips and participatory methods for setting up a new network, and for refreshing and re-focusing an existing network.

We hope that as an individual and as a group, you are able to use the participatory methods in this toolkit to explore the purpose of your network, build a shared vision for the future, achieve consensus about the network’s aim and objectives, develop a clear terms of reference and identify how your network will add value.

By involving all members of the group in planning and setting targets this ensures the whole group have contributed to its scope, it will meets their individual needs and those of the group, and that the responsibility is shared amongst the members.

WCVA’s information sheet about networks provides you with useful background information about factors you will need to take into consideration when setting up your network. The tools and exercises contained in this toolkit are designed to be used in conjunction with the information sheet.

Download Participation Cymru’s Setting Up A Network Toolkit

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